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The application ready Computer-on-Modules by congatec.

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The future begins here

Explore high-performance embedded building blocks that drive efficiency, performance, and adaptability from COM to Cloud.

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Revolutionizing embedded computing

Look inside our innovation that reduces complexity by seamlessly integrating hardware and software - for unparalleled performance and flexibility.

Hardware Layer

aReady.COM qualified congatec Computer-on-Modules come with soldered mass storage. Based on open standards they facilitate flexible integration, enable easy upgrades to extend product lifecycles and improve Return-on-Investment.

Virtualization Layer

Hypervisor-on-Module, our innovative firmware feature, enables the consolidation of multiple applications on a single physical module to make full use of all resources.

OS Layer

Every aReady.COM is designed with a ready to-use approach thanks to pre-installed, pre-configured and licensed operating systems fitted to your needs. Of course with latest patches to protect your system from potential threats.

Software Layer

Pre-evaluated functional software building blocks significantly minimize design efforts and compatibility concerns for use cases including Artificial Intelligence, Security, Internet of Things, Human Machine Interface and many more.

Customer Application

Build your applications on aReady.COMs and become highly agile and responsive in a fastpaced technological landscape.

Empowerment through efficiency.


Hypervisor on Modules

With our firmware feature, you can harness the power of today's multi-core processors. This powerful real-time hypervisor is proven in more than 100,000 systems worldwide.

Your Benefits


The Hypervisor-on-Module creates isolated environments for each virtual machine, acting as digital islands that help to separate your data and applications from each other.


Seamlessly integrate virtual machines to freely scale and adapt your system, meeting growing demands with a faster time to market.


The Hypervisor-on-Module is pre-integrated in the firmware of our aReady.COMs and already configured as demanded.

Real-Time operation

Direct hardware access adds no latency, allowing your real-time applications to run with precision and rapid response times.

Discover the Hypervisor

Serving your interests

Make the most of your applications and resources with aReady.COM. Empower your operation and boost your performance.

Reducing Space & Hardware

With aReady.COM you can meet your hardware requirements with more ease. Optimize your power usage and contribute to an cost-effective operation.

Time & Cost Saving

aReady.COMs streamline installations and reduce time and costs by simplifying compatibility testing and licensing. Allowing you to focus on core competencies and a better time to market.

Flexibility & Scalability

Make use of high-performance embedded building blocks. Become agile and responsive in a fast-paced technological landscape, ensuring you can quickly adjust to growing demands.

And this is how it works

Take a short deep dive into aReady.COM, its functionalities and your benefits.

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